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"People could inspire or dishearten you  - choose them wisely!"

The Foundation for the Development of the Creative Society was established in order to initiate and implement educational, social, cultural and artistic projects in the creative sector, aimed at raising social awareness of local and supra-local problems related to the development of creative industries.


One important aspect of FRSK's activity is the support of entities in the culture and art sectors, which aims to create conditions conducive to the development of a creative society and the popularization of knowledge and practical use of modern tools and technologies in the European circulation of works and creations of the creative sector.


The Foundation supports local and supra-local initiatives that create equal opportunities for the intellectual and professional development of various social groups. An important aspect of the Foundation's activity is the creation of an educational initiative platform (training, workshops, seminars) in order to more closely link participants in the creative sector with the modern economy.

We operate in the field of culture and creative industries, using knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. We implement comprehensive and non-standard projects in the broad social space.

The foundation brings together a team of experts from various fields such as education, culture, art, business, and technology. All team members combine their passion for developing creativity with professionalism and effectiveness in achieving goals.


The foundation is open to cooperation with partners and institutions from various areas, which allows to expand horizons and create new opportunities for development. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of its team members, the foundation is able to provide innovative solutions and bring positive changes to society.

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