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"We create the present, aware of the past, towards the future that is unknown"

We implement interdisciplinary projects, operating in the area of culture and art, design and design, new technologies, as well as in other creative industries.


We create new PLACES and VALUES. We create things with a local and supra-local social reach. The scale of our activities depends on the goals set and the needs of specific groups of recipients. We are socially sensitive. We engage in activities where activation of specific environments is required, especially those requiring care and attention.  We create interactions between various creative sectors of the economy, culture and art.

We build, invent, publicize, analyze every centimeter of things and space, including the abstract one, located in the sphere of the idea. We create it from the beginning in the ideological sense, but also in the material sense. We are creating the foundations for a new, yet unknown world. We educate, train and help to understand new social, cultural and business phenomena that will shape TOMORROW.

We support and take up challenges, which include, among others:

  • help diverse groups of recipients understand the issues related to art,

  • improving the cultural competences of recipients, developing their interests, artistic abilities and creativity,

  • preparation for a critical reception of culture, in particular modern art and new media,

  • dissemination of cultural heritage as an important factor integrating the community; 

  • shaping conscious recipients of culture, development of individuals and the general public; 

  • active participation of the community in the institution's activities and cultural life; 

  • popularization of permanent and temporary exhibitions carried out by the institution; 

  • promoting ongoing educational activities; 

  • creating and implementing educational projects characterized by a conceptual and innovative approach to museum education;

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