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1.  Popularization of the Polish, European and world cultural and social heritage.

2. Promoting educational, social, cultural, artistic and creative initiatives and undertakings.

3. Supporting the production, promotion and distribution of artistic, literary and audiovisual works and works.

4. Promotion of publications, documentation, studies on the achievements of Polish, European and world cultural, artistic and creative industries.

5. Promoting the development of modern technologies in the sphere of culture and art and in creative industries.

6. Enriching Europe's cultural, social and educational diversity by creating and implementing innovative international programs and projects.

7. Conducting activities for education, entrepreneurship development and professional activation of people in all industries, in particular in the area of creative industries as well as culture and art.

8. Supporting the development of a creative society and social awareness in the face of global cultural, political, social, environmental and economic problems.

9. Supporting intercultural and intergenerational dialogue.

10. Disseminating knowledge about human rights and freedoms as well as civil liberties, as well as activities supporting the development of democracy.

11. Promoting and supporting new ideas, initiatives, research, analyzes, all activities for the benefit of European integration and diversity as well as developing cooperation between societies in all fields of activity.

12. Supporting local, supra-local and international initiatives, creating conditions of equal opportunities for intellectual and professional development of various environments, especially those exposed to exclusion.

13. Supporting cooperation of entities from various sectors of culture and economy, aimed at creating conditions conducive to the development of a creative society and popularizing knowledge about the benefits of using modern educational tools and technologies.

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